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Innovation Economics

Latest trends, discussion and networking by and for seed and early stage investing, entrepreneurial development and tech-transfer professionals.

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Dan Loague

Dan Loague

Capital formation Institute

Washington DC



Jon Gregory

Jon Gregory

Golden Capital Network

Chico, CA

Effective Tools for Innovation Economics


Randall Goldsmith

Dr. Randall Goldsmith

Mississippi Technology Alliance

Professional Standards

Thomas Vass

Thomas Vass

Private Capital Market

Morrisville NC

Private Sector Leadership

Montie Roland

Montie Roland

Montie Design

Morrisville, NC

Community Innovation


Chris Gibbons

Chris Gibbons

Littleton Bus./ Ind. Affairs

Littleton CO

Self-Sustaining Community Growth

Rachel Duran

Rachel Duran

Business Xpansion Journal  Lawrence, KS

Training and Certification

Ed Morrison

Ed Morrison

Institute for Open Economics

Cleveland OH

Effective Alliances and Networks

Richard Meyer

Dr. Richard Meyer

Orion Technical Associates

Albuquerque NM

Start-Up Financing

Jon Gregory

Jon Gregory

Golden Capital Network

Chico CA

Expanding Regional Capital

John Colwell

John Colwell

Mentor Capital Partners

Baltimore MD

SME Wealth and Exit Strategies





Q & A Session

  • Resources for SME new product development
  • Similarities between start-up companies and SMEs
  • Available entrepreneurial tool sets and training
  • Uses of "venture capital investing"
  • Outsourcing issues   
  • Decline of SME manufacturers in North Carolina
  • Final Comments         

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Introduction to Innovation Economics 

Teleconference Program 1

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Action Issues for Innovation Economics

CFI’s national Roundtable on Innovation Economics addresses the critical issues of using innovation to drive an effective economic development strategy.  Among the many controversial questions raised by the Moderators, two stand out: “Why, if innovation economics is such a great idea, has the adoption and use of this tool of economic development been so slow” and “Does the traditional economic development model retard development of regional economic innovation?”  The CFI Network is invited to join the discussion of this significant and evolving approach to building globally competitive community and regional economics.

About the Innovation Economics Roundtable

  • Kickoff - two live teleconference with discussions open to all CFI Network Subscribers (free subscription)
  • National Roundtable Dialogue on Innovation Economics - continuing scheduled executive briefings and conversations with experts on best practices of successful innovation economics (members only - JOIN NOW)  

Who Should Participate?


·         Economic development and technology commercialization leaders intent upon expanding innovation economics in their metropolitan region and accelerating investments in technology innovation companies in local communities.

·         Business experts who help jump-start and grow emerging innovation-based enterprises.

Roundtable Benefits:

  • Learn new innovation economics development tools
  • Learn best practices to support existing small manufacturing enterprises in an innovation growth phase
  • Learn how to increase start ups of innovative new technology enterprises
  • Connect with financial business support networks that help entrepreneurial high technology companies succeed.

 Scheduled connect-and-discuss topics:

  • How to promote new venture creation. In-progress projects to help create and promote commercial success of high technology firms that drive the growth of new jobs and increase the wealth of metropolitan regions.
  • How to promote innovation in existing small manufacturing firms in metro regions.
  • How to enhance productive networking among regional product development, engineering and prototyping firms that provide the innovation platform in metro regions.
  • How to identify and build "linked-in" networks of the full range of capital market providers and resources that support innovation investment capital.
  • How to identify capital market exit paths for regional firms that allow them to remain commercially viable in the regional economy after the exit event.
  • How economic developers and other regional growth professionals can participate in continuing professional education on the use of new economic tools that support the innovation process in metro regions.


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